About Moray Carshare

Moray Carshare is a community-based car club. There are currently over 130 members of the club, and we share 14 cars and one electric bicycle amongst us. The cars are placed at 7 different locations in and around Findhorn, Kinloss and Forres in the IV36 post code area of Morayshire in the north-east of Scotland. The carpool is run in a democratic way, like a community interest company, using a methodology called Sociocracy.

The aims of our car club are to provide appropriate and affordable transport for its members. And to do so in a way that minimises negative impact on the environment. The carpool is also an example of how human beings can create a sense of community and fun by sharing resources in a way that benefits all.

Anyone over the age of 25 living in the local area with an appropriate driving license is eligible to join. One benefit to members is that they save money compared with buying their own car. Other benefits include:

  • reduced use of cars: increased awareness of the cost (financial and environmental) of using a car creates more conscious choices of the most appropriate transport method for a particular trip, and thereby reduces our ecological footprint.
  • reduce green house gas emissions and air pollution by using more eco-friendly vehicles.
  • variety of vehicles: members can pick the car that is most suitable for the trip in question – currently we have 2 electric cars, 7 small (fuel efficient) cars, 3 family cars, 2 7-seater MPVs with a tow hitch and camper van kit, and an electric bicycle.
  • the creation of community jobs (3 people are employed to maintain and manage the carpool).
  • more free time: members are free of the administration, upkeep and responsibility of owning a car.
  • reduce the number of cars in our local comm­unity, and thereby create a safer, more beautiful living environment.


We were founded in October 2007 with 15 members and 3 cars. We were inspired by the Woodhead Community carpool. We have made a small financial surplus most years, which has been reinvested in the car club. We have recently received government funding from Transport Scotland to buy 3 electric cars. Community car clubs are an ideal way to introduce electric cars, as they can be used for shorter journeys, while petrol or diesel cars can still be used for longer journeys.

Our constitution, operational agreement and tariffs can be found here on the menu "About --> Documents". These create clear rules and boundaries that help create a sense of trust.