How it works

A car club is like a Pay As You Go way to have access to a car.

The car club owns its own cars, which are placed at various parking bays in the IV36 area:

  • Orchard Road car park, Forres
  • Cluny College car park, St Leonards Road, Forres
  • Newbold House car park, St Leonards Road, Forres
  • Opposite the Kimberley in Findhorn village
  • At the bus stop by Bayview - near the start of Findhorn village
  • Near the Moray Art Centre at The Park, Findhorn
  • On Easter Road - on the Kinloss Southside estate
  • On Glebe Road - behind Kinloss Church.

If there is not a bay close to where you live, please contact us to let us know of your interest, as we are always looking to extend the car club into new areas.

  1. Before you can use a car, you must first book it using a simple online booking system
  2. And then pick up the keys and the car from the parking bay.
  3. After your journey you park the car at the same parking bay where you picked it up.
  4. Then you fill in a trip sheet to record how many miles you have driven. And then you return the key to the keybox.

At the end of each month you will receive a bill showing how many trips you made and the length of each trip. You will be charged according to how many miles you drove and how many hours you had the cars booked. You will be credited for any fuel you buy - the car club pays. See our current tariffs for details. And click here for a comparison with the cost of owning your own car.

We offer 3 types of membership:

  • Contract membership: you pay a monthly subscription, which entitles you to a lower hourly rate. This will save you money if you use a car more than 10 hours a month - on average.
  • PAYG membership: you only pay an annual subscription, but your hourly charge is significantly higher than for full members. This will save you money if you use a car less than 10 hours a month.
  • Organisational members pay an annual subscription plus an hourly charge specific to organisations. The organisation nominates which staff members they wish to use our cars, and all bills are sent to the organisation. See here for details.

Over the years, the members of the car club have found that it runs more smoothly if we all agree to keep a set of simple rules that embody the quailities of consideration, cooperation and care. You need to agree to keep these rules if you want to join, and a breach of these rules can lead to expulsion. Click here to read this Operational Agreement.

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